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Here are the latest blogs from all the teams on the rally. Only teams that have included location data in their blogs appear on the map, and their location is the last one we know about; having said that, we do try to add their location if they mention where they are!

Thursday 24 Jul 2008 16:53
24th Thursday 12th day on the road. Today has been fairly uneventful, but I should start with yesterday. Our last night was spent sleeping in the infestedcar/field. We woke up as usual because the car was an oven in the morning, we then found out we had no water and very little money and neither of us had a great nights sleep. We both are started to get hideously dirty. Our fingernails are black and we have been driving in heats most of the day 35+ degrees. Yesterday, when I woke up I was completely knackered and ryan felt fine driving. We just aimed for russia. We pulled over to buy some water and food with our last remaining money. Unfortunately the lady in the road side shop didn't really have any thing much recognisable as brunch - so we bought an egg.  read more »
Tuesday 22 Jul 2008 20:51
Day 11 - Somewhere in a field in Eastern Ukraine. This evening has been the first one that we have stopped whilst still light. We thought it would be nice to use the stove and see a bit of the sunset. We pulled off the main road into a corn field and it was indeed a lovely sunset. Unfortunely we have been driven inside the car because of a swarm of voratious mosquitoes, our evening has taken on the enjoyable new sport of mosquito luring..and squashing with a map of Russia. So far we've got 12. Which is almost as many as my bites. Ryan woke up this morning...in another random Ukrainian field, feeling 'minging.' So today I've been the driver. Its all gone fairly well. We did take an unfortunate trip for a while into the chaos of Chakiv...which was...eventful.  read more »
Monday 21 Jul 2008 16:51

Kiev - Part 1 of 2: Well we have arrived in Kiev, Ukraine. There is much to write about since our last blog, but all is well and we have had no major misshaps! After the last blog we found a hostel in Budapest for a night, as the Hotel we had been staying in was full. The day was spent shopping and doing menial chores, and in the evning we went for a nice wonder to the river island and back, via a bar on the way.  read more »

Saturday 19 Jul 2008 20:55
We are in kiev, arrived today. Driving around trying to find reasonable place to stay. Ukraine an interesting place :) camped last night, rather dirty today but kiev a very expensive place, massively fast drivers and a bit of a nightmare if wanting to turn around. We got directions from a very pleasant drunk man. At the mo typing this in the car whilst parked on side of road in the very centre of kiev.  read more »
Tuesday 15 Jul 2008 20:35
So then. Here is the first blog from the road! We are in Budapest, and I am writing this on Sophie's fancy new phone. We are currently in an internet cafe, searching for somewhere to stay tonight. Anyway, I should begin at the beginning. Last Thursday having packed my bags I jumped on a train to Sophies house. During that evening we started stickering up the car and musing over the mammoth task ahead of us.  read more »
Monday 14 Jul 2008 00:35
Received from Paul: Dear Sophie and Ryan and al wonderful ralliers, Firstly we must appologise for not being able to get from Tajikistan to your rally launch in person today. Sadly, it just was not possible. On behalf of all SWORDE-Teppa and especially our wonderful volunteers and staff here in Kurgan-Tube. Umed and I would like to wish you all a wonderful launch and a great Roof of the World Rally.  read more »
Saturday 12 Jul 2008 00:26
OK, so it is the night before we go. Ryan and I are running round like headless chickens. We wanted to get this blog a bit more developed so we could put up pics and all that jazz...but we will work it out! Life has been so hectic we might just have to figure out some stuff on the road. Today, our huge Ford, christened 'Ugly Betty' has been loaded up (still in the process of).  read more »
Monday 07 Jul 2008 20:44
One week to go. And slowly but surely, although in trademark last minute style everything is coming together. Our passports should be returned this Friday complete with a full compliment of visas (fingers crossed!), the car is in the final stages of being serviced and we have just about purchased all of our equipment and made our arrangements.  read more »
Tuesday 03 Jun 2008 20:32
With a little over a month to go until the start of the Roof of the World Rally, preparations are well under way. The teams are sourcing their vehicles for the trip, and in the true spirit of the adventure they are not up to much! Keep an eye on the teams page as it expands over the coming days.  read more »
Saturday 19 Apr 2008 23:29
So, this weekend has seen the Roof of the World Rally teams being invited to 'swap tea for beer' with the British Ambassador in Tajikistan. We are working on hopefully co-ordinating this for the end of Rally celebration. Bringing some smart clothes to clad your dirty sweaty selves at the end would be a great idea. We are currently pegging the end date as being 4 weeks from the launch - which will help in the working out of those time lines, etc.  read more »
Saturday 19 Apr 2008 21:29
We would like to announce that the splendid people at the Tea Appreciation Society are supporting the Roof of the World Rally. Be sure to check out their rather cool website for some top quality merchandise from some true tea fanatics!
Friday 11 Apr 2008 20:22
The Roof of the World Rally goes live! And with that it is about time for the first of many blog posts. The first batch of places on the Rally have been filled from an email sent through the Mongol Rally waiting list, however the second batch of places are up for grabs so sign up now, its your last chance to bag a place on this epic adventure! Stay tuned for further news and updates coming soon!
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