Below are some obvious questions, please read them through before contacting us! 
If you still have questions feel free to drop us an email and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


How do I Join the Rally?

The Roof of the World Rally 2015 is a small, exclusive rally. Places are limited for 2015. Sign up opens on 1st August 2014 with a £199 offer for the first 10 teams that sign up. If you are interested then read through the whole site and then head to the ‘Join Us’ page. 

Is it Dangerous?

Yes. You are on your own.  No support is provided at all and the organisers claim no responsibility for you on the road.  This is an adventure, what do you expect?

What constitutes a team?

A team is one vehicle and as many people as you can cram into it. All team members must be at least 18 years old, however not every team member is required to have a driving licence (however you obviously won’t be able to do any driving without one!).


What happens if I leave my car in another country?

If you fail to deliver your car to the finish in Tajikistan you will be liable for any import regulations and duties relevant to the country in which it has been left. It is your responsibility to notify the relevant authorities of the country you are in if your car has completely died. Not doing this in certain countries is likely to cause diplomatic problems.

What is the Vehicle Import Tax?

The import tax is essentially the approximate amount it costs for a charity to get your car through the hoops and registrations of receiving your vehicle.  For every Rally vehicle that enters Tajikistan and that is donated to charity the change in ownership brings with it a lot of paperwork and taxes - from notary documents to translation and registration documents. As these charges relate to the vehicle you wish to take, please contact us for more information. Ambulances are the cheapest, and may be exempt from import tax. For all other vehicles the import tax starts at £250.


What is the Vehicle Deposit?

All teams are required to pay a £500 vehicle deposit before departing for Tajikistan.  We provide a deadline nearer the time.

The deposit is returned either upon the sucessful donation of the vehicle or on its failure to get to Tajikistan. Deposits may be forfeited in the event of repairs being required (whatever the expense costs) or if the vehicle has to be scrapped. Unfortunately it costs roughly double to scrap a vehicle in Tajikistan as it does to register it.  Therefore we need to emphasise here that a car that reaches the end of the Rally in terrible (undrivable / needing massive repairs) condition will result in a forfeit of the deposit. The reason for this is to ensure that the charity is not left out of pocket and that cars being donated to charities are in a reasonable condition.   

Why a left hand drive car, and how do I get one?

This is a stipulation by the Tajik government, and is non-negotiable. Never fear – there are a multitude of methods of obtaining a left hand drive vehicle for a reasonable wad of cash. Your options include hitting ebay or gumtree to track down one in the UK country, taking on the vast untapped resource that is French ebay. Another good option is hopping over to Holland to pick up a bargain (and much easier paperwork). There are plenty of LHD importers in this country – so get one to help you find a bargain, or stump up the cash to get a RHD to LHD conversion. 


What documents do I need?

Visas. Most teams will need at least 3 – Russia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. European vehicle insurance ('Green Card'). International drivers licence (a few pounds from your local post office – no strings attached). Vehicle Passport (V5 Registration Document for UK registered cars). GBAO permit for the Pamir Highway (we will provide assistance with this). All vehicle documents and number plates are kept by Tajik authorities (see above). Visitors to Iran require a Carnet de Passage, we may provide assistance and discounts with this - the cost depends on the value of your vehicle.

How do I obtain visas?

We have a deal with Real Russia who offer teams a fantastic 'at cost' deal for getting their visas as well as bespoke pages talking them through the process. They officially can only help teams with British Residency but in 2014 they've been helping teams of many nationalities so it's very much a case by case basis. All teams can obtain advice even if Real Russia can't physically process visas for them.