The Charities




Go Help is a UK adventure charity that is committed to working with local communities in Central Asia and Central America to improve their access to education and healthcare services. It is run by volunteers. Our charitable activities are largely in the fields of Healthcare and Education.

Go Help’s core objectives include:

• To enable access to primary healthcare through the provision, distribution and maintenance of emergency vehicles;

• To foster local talent, through providing scholarships and employment opportunities for young people;

• To support education projects which provide opportunities for literacy and self-improvement; and

• To facilitate the placement of skilled health and education volunteers with the aim of enhancing the capacity of local communities.

Go Help is staffed almost solely by volunteers and most are past ralliers. As part of Go Help, enterprising ralliers have pioneered and trialled a number of other projects in recent years, including an ambulance to Nepal and tuk-tuks through the Cambodian jungles. There are always new and great ideas in the pipeline.

Our Projects in Tajikistan

Since 2008, the Roof of the World Rally teams have been directly supporting other in-country charities e.g Sworde-Teppa, Save the Children and the Aga Khan Foundation.  In 2013 Go Help started putting down roots so we could help people directly, move the rally onto a secure footing and expand projects like the ambulance project.  This means we now have our own staff and can assist teams, organise ambulance handovers and build our relationships further with charites, hospitals and the Ministry of Health.

 In 2015 Go Help aims to:

  • Expand our flagship ambulance project - placing, maintaining and monitoring ambulances in Tajikistan.
  • Support local organisations with wishlists and helping arrange hangovers and visits – small charities and orphanages, etc.  These currently include the ones listed below but we would like expand:
  • The Kishti Centre supporting families with special needs children in Dushanbe and Khojand.
  • Baby Home no.1 in Dushanbe for orphaned children,
  • Specific hospital wishlists,
  • Peshraft, an innovative educational charity in Dushanbe
  • The Scholarship Project – building relationships with schools, colleges, universities and charities with a longer term view to lay the foundations for the scholarship project as run by Go Help in Mongolia.
  • To build a database of volunteer opportunities working with other charities to enable people who want to come to Tajikistan and volunteer.