The 2012 Charity Rallies Launch!


Launch of the Mongolia Charity Rally and Roof of the World Rally

The annual launch and sending off of the intrepid teams taking part in Go Help’s Mongolia and Roof of the World Rally took place on the morning of Saturday 7th July from Woburn Safari Park.  The teams came from all over the UK and Europe for the launch and the British weather was kind enough to hold off raining for most of the event!  When teams rolled through the launch arch it signified the beginning of a massive journey that will take them across Europe and the steppes of Asia before they finally roll up to the finish line in either Dushanbe, Tajikistan or Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  All the teams have been preparing throughout the year and overcoming numerous hurdles to get ready to launch and Go Help would like to salute their endeavours.  

On the morning teams were interviewed and filmed, collected up their team stash of stickers and t-shirts and then did a convoy through the safari park.  Guest speaker David Treanor (Author of Mission to Mongolia) gave the teams some last minute advice from his adventures.   Some of the highlights of the morning included the Yeeeeah Buggy team with their home made open air dune buggy, a unique vehicle, powered by a Porsche engine that’s bound to get everybody looking and marvelling from here to Mongolia.  We were also thrilled to finally get to see the Dental Express vehicle –theirs is a custom mobile dentist’s clinic being driven by Alex and Reinhard Steiner, a father and son team who also happen to be dentists.  Their vehicle is going to be used by Dentists Without Limits Foundation when it arrives into Mongolia and will be part of Go Help’s ambulance project.   

To all teams, we wish them the best of luck and safe travels.  Thanks to Woburn Safari Park for welcoming the teams and helping us put the event together as well as all volunteers who helped on the day and AFS Haulage. We’d also like to thank Real Russia who have played no small part in helping teams organise their visas this year and helping them get through what can sometimes seem a daunting process.  Check out below a selection of photos of the launch.  For news of the teams and their adventures don’t forget to keep an eye on the homepage to view updates as they come in from the road!



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