The 2010 Roof of the World Rally is underway!

The 2010 edition of the Roof of the World Rally is underway, and already it is turning out to be an epic year! Teams started out from Greenwich Park in London on the 3rd July, being waved off on their adventures by friends, relatives, sponsors and ambassadors. A mere two days later teams started to roll into the bar in Budapest already filled with stories of adventure!

Sadly, the Rally has had its first vehicle loss - when the 'Tajikivan' managed to break down four times on the way to Dover - the fourth time sadly being terminal. So whilst the Tajikivan was sent back to Cornwall on the back of a lorry - the team members jumped in to team TBCs people carrier, now full to the brim with two teams in one car, headed all the way to Tajikistan...

Drama did not stop there, as the people carrier has been leaking electricity, and when the team eventually rolled into Budapest they had counted in excess of 14 breakdowns in two days - the car being kept alive by swapping batteries with the ambulance (Band Aid) and the ''Subaru'' (3 Amigos).

The two Swiss teams arrived on time at the bar - but not without incident as one car lost its breaks upon arrival in Budapest!

The annual Budapest party lasted right through the night, and was still going strong as the sun came up this morning. Teams are making some repairs to their cars before setting out for the wilds.... keep an eye on the 'Latest Updates' to see some of the teams adventures!



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