Rally Reunion!

Charity Ralliers!

Now that all of our 2010 ralliers from the Mongolia Charity Rally and Roof of the World Rally are safely back home, and our 2011 ralliers are gearing up for the road trip of a lifetime, we’re looking forward to the 2010 Rally Reunion!

Here’s a few highlights from this post for those of you short on time:

:: Rally Reunion: Road Trip Bar, London (near Old Street Tube), Saturday, 11 December from 3pm.

:: Photo/video/story competition: want to get your best photo painted on canvas? Read on!

:: Mongolia Charity Rally 2011 and Roof of the World Rally 2011 open for signup!

2010 Rally Reunion!



 (You have to be logged in to Facebook to RSVP. Don’t forget to “Like” our fan page while you’re at it. And if you’re not into Facebook – email us at info@gohelp.org.uk to let us know you’re coming!)

WHERE: Road Trip Bar, London (near Old Street Tube): http://www.roadtripbar.com/

WHEN: Saturday, 11 December from 3pm

WHO: Everyone is invited! 2010 ralliers still reeling from their epic adventure, 2011 ralliers raring to go, and 2007, 2008 and 2009 ralliers who want to do it all over again! And anyone else really…

2010 Competitions

We will be holding a Best Photo, Best Video, and Best Story competition for both the Mongolia Charity Rally and the Roof of the World Rally in the run up to the Rally Reunion.  You can participate even if you can't make it to the Rally Reunion!

We’re quite excited about this year’s competition prizes…winner of the Best Rally Photo will have the awesome prize of having their winning photo painted on canvas by awesome central asian artists!

We’re also holding the annual Golden Spanner Awards, to recognise all the teams that have made such a fantastic contribution to Charity Rallies this year. You have to attend the Rally Reunion to win a Golden Spanner Award!

How to take part: To submit your best photo, video, or story, please take this Texas Two-Step:

(1) Log on to your rally site forum (mongolia.charityrallies.org or roofoftheworld.charityrallies.org) and post your best photo/video/story under the “Best of” banner on the forums. Don't know how? Email us!

 - AND -

(2) Log on to our facebook fan page, “Like” the page (if you haven’t already!) and then post your best photo, story, or video link on our wall! Our fan page is here:


The reason we want you to take these two steps is that we will be judging the best photo, video and story not only by how awesome they are, but how many comments they receive!

Note: to post a video, just drop the Youtube link to your best clip into your forum post and facebook comment.

Past Ralliers also welcome!

Are you a 2007, 2008 or 2009 rallier and do you want to take part in these awesome competitions? Feel free to post away! The Charity Rallies team is always generous to our amazing teams for their support.  We're sure we’ll be able to find something to thank you for your support!

We’d love all of our Charity Ralliers to log on to our forums and our Facebook fan page to comment on the best photos, video clips and stories to help us pick the best ones!


Charity Rallies is run entirely by volunteers! The best (and only) payback we get from supporting your fantastic achievements is a pat on the back! Access the Forums on the rally site and our Facebook fan page and drop us a testimonial if you really enjoyed the event. We’d appreciate it!

Sign-up for the Mongolia Charity Rally 2011 and Roof of the World Rally is now open! Log on to www.charityrallies.org for further information!

Thanks for supporting Charity Rallies!

Best regards,

The Charity Rallies Team

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